Muffins muslin

Soft muslin swaddle blanket

Ref. 003-MUSE-MUFF


120 x 120 cm


100% cotton


Wrap up, clothe, protect and pamper your baby with Baby Bites muslin squares.

Families have been using this versatile garment for their children for donkeys ages, because it can be used to cover the pushchair and protect baby from the sun, or on your shoulder as a bib or as a cloth for mummy to cover herself with when breastfeeding, it can even be used as a sheet to wrap your baby in.

Its 100% cotton fabric is of the highest quality, very soft and breathable, making it a garment with many uses.

It is available in 20 different patterns! However you use it, the Baby Bites muslin square will be your baby's best friend.

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