Mustard Sleeping Bag for Kids

Chicks Lining

Ref. 006-KIDS-POLL


138 cm x 85 cm
(Perfect for children up to 6 years)


Outer fabric: 100% cotton
Inner lining fabric: 100% cotton
- Padding: 100% polyester


The coolest sleeping bags around are now available for big brothers and sisters! Kids from 2 to 6 years of age won’t be left without their own bag.

Available in 4 colours: Red, Slate Blue, Mustard, Pink and Black.

This sleeping bag is as warm and snuggly as could be. Its side zip makes getting in and out of the bag a breeze. Get yours now!

There are two versions of the sleeping bag:

- Winter (8 TOG) with thick, snuggly inner padding, for cold temperatures (below 16°C), perfect for going outside in winter.

- Summer (2 TOG) with thinner inner padding, for warmer temperatures (16°C - 21°C), perfect for sleeping at home.

And once your little one outgrows the sleeping bag, don’t worry! You can use it to store toys or dirty clothes, to scare granny, for the cat to sleep in, and so on. Basically, it has a thousand uses!

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  • Winter
  • Summer

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